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The Problem with Oxidative Stress

Oxidative Stress – Scientists have said that oxidative stress is the root of all evils in the human body and where most conditions stem from. What is it? The abundance of electron-hungry free radicals can destroy healthy cells and tissues, harming and aging the body over time. This is often referred to as “oxidative stress,” and it occurs when there is an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in the body. When antioxidant levels become too low, free radical levels increase and cause harm.

Cellular Damage – When the free radicals win the battle, your blood cells become damaged in many ways, leading to an enormous amount of health issues that we all live with daily.

The Solution

THRIV5’s patent pending* extraction and formulation

Extraction - Our world-class scientists have a patent pending* technology that extracts SOD from specific melons at the highest rates ever recorded. Extracted SOD is then compounded with other all-natural antioxidant ingredients to produce amazing balanced gut health, which triggers positive neurological effects.

Formulation – Our scientists take that high level SOD and combine it with a proprietary and patent pending* blend of ingredients that allows for proper delivery to the digestive system and bloodstream, working with your neurological system. It’s the world’s most powerful antioxidant enzyme that neutralizes the primary free radicals that all cells produce every minute of the day.

Reasons To THRIV5

Improves Energy & Cognitive Functions

Proper cellular function provides steady energy throughout the day, improves focus and concentration, enhances alertness and coordination, induces good sleep patterns.

Aids In Digestion & Gut Health

Contains probiotics to aid in digestive health, maintains a balance of good and bad intestinal microbes, maintains intestinal regularity, enhances immune cell health in digestive system, and aids in balanced gut health.

Improves Metabolic Functions

Delays sugar absorption, reduces glycemic effect after meals, manages healthy lipids ratio, improves calcium absorption.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Antioxidants have long been used for inflammation and Thriv5 has 10 antioxidants that are all natural. SOD, soluble con fiber and polyphenols exert positive influences on inflammation.

Improves Skin Integrity & Smoothness

Enhances facial youthfulness and beauty; helps maintain bright, even-toned skin; helps maintain elasticity, skin integrity and smoothness; helps reduce facial skin disorders, such as discoloration and acne.

Maximizes Immunity

Oxidative stress occurs in the body due to free radicals and impairs cellular function. SOD and polyphenols combined help to neutralize free radicals at maximum levels.